Phillip Denny

Boston Dance School

Material Tectonics Studio.
Proposal for a Dance School in Boston, MA.

The project assembles a set of programs (too large for the site) in a vertical composition. A stable form contains a range of disparate programs, united by a zig-zagging circulation path that maximizes interaction between each. The architecture is rendered legible to the urban condition as the facade hides or reveals public and private spaces.

The circulation element unites the school’s three main functions (performance, education, and administration) by eliciting a different attitude toward each. The path circles around the performance space, allowing a range of perspectives. The circulation cuts diagonally through the school, creating a series of smaller spaces centered around a generous stair. At the highest level, the pathway brushes against the administrative area before letting onto a public roof terrace. Throughout the building, the integrity of the horizontal floor plate is interrogated as cuts and folds are introduced to generate inter-spatial continuity and an architecture that prompts the engagement of the body.