Phillip Denny

Film Archive

Composition Studio.
An extension to the Scaife Galleries, Carnegie Museum of Art.

Carnegie Museum of Art was enlarged by a landmark annex constructed in 1974 by noted American Architect Edward Larrabee Barnes. The project proposes a new addition to the Barnes extension to house the museum's growing film collection.

The archive is lifted above the corner of Forbes Ave. and Craig St. to create a covered public space for the bus stop, and a small garden for outdoor film screenings. The archive's form torques and twists to address the urban situation, positing the building as a logical extension of site geometries.

A continuous ramp emerges from the sidewalk level, twisting into, through, and around the annex. Along the path the user is exposed to unique perspectives on the Barnes extension and Scaife galleries, as well as glimpses into the archive collection. At the hinge between the cubic administrative volume and the archive, a cylindrical glass elevator provides an umbilical connection from public plane to private collection.