Phillip Denny

Frick Environmental Center

Landscape + Architecture Studio.
Proposal for an Environmental Center in Pittsburgh, PA.

At present, the south end of Frick Park is a tract of wetland under-utilized by the city of Pittsburgh and its inhabitants. Disconnected from the rest of the park by an expressway overpass, the area has become a polluted landscape.

The project creates a series of programmed surfaces that provide a linkage between the more well-trafficked areas of Frick Park and the forgotten portion to the south. The architecture augments the user's access to, and understanding of, place by synthesizing spatial relationships between the architecture and its environs.

The environmental center is organized as a landscape transect. The architecture both responds to, and acts upon, the landscape along its length. The user is thus immersed in a dialogue that instills an appreciation of the ecological diversity inherent to the area. Educational spaces are dispersed along the building's length, each focused on a specific ecological condition, and landscape space.