Phillip Denny

Image Surface

An exercise in utilizing drawing and creative imaging as a component of architectural process.

Part 1 required a conceptualization of the relationship between time-based sequences (television) and the static image.

Scenes from an arbitrarily selected television sequence were traced, and overlaid digitally. The resulting collage in effect a recording of the screen's after-images. The collage implies spaces of varied depth, which were then randomly reconfigured, and re-evaluated.

The tracings were then enlarged to inform the realization of a construct. The resultant form's bifurcation representative of the time-based sequence's dynamic reconfigurations of space in the picture plane.

Part 2 translated the investigations of Part 1 into an architectural project: a space for the projection of visual media on Flagstaff Hill in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The scheme proposes the suspension of an LED mesh above the slope to create an elastic space between canopy and landscape. Image sequences displayed on the canopy create dynamically changing spaces of illumination on the landscape that subvert the perceived stability of the ground plane.